What to Look for When Buying A Dog Coat

The winter times are here blowing its chilling gales into every nook and crevice of our homes. Naturally, when the weather becomes chilly, we humans like to bundle up and stay warm. Well, the same can be said for our dogs! While indeed, some breeds such as Siberian Huskies, who are graced with thick and warm coats, can tough out a winter easily, some dogs aren’t so fortunate. Stay tuned to learn the basics of how to approach getting your pup a warm and cozy coat for this winter season!


Dogs who are at risk of getting extra chilling during winter are those without much body mass to keep them warm and are typically sporting thin or short-haired coats. A dog of this kind certainly won’t be as warm as a husky and will need your help to stay warm and cozy. 


Fortunately, there are many clothing options to keep your dog nice and warm. But where to start? Choosing the right dog sweater or coat will require some precise measuring and material consideration for the best results. 


A common choice is typically wool, being a warm and insulating material, many dogs will find this to be a comfortable solution to their chilly predicament. Unfortunately, some pups may get irritated by the material, which will warrant future experimentation. However, no dog coat will be a good fit unless you measure it out. 


Be mindful to pay extra attention to the dimensions of your pup. Pay special attention to his neck, chest, and legs to ensure a proper fit. If your dog’s outfit isn’t a good fit, your dog will likely have a hard time reaching full mobility due to over constriction and discomfort. 


In the end, your pup will be gracious for the extra warmth and love you’ve provided him this holiday season!


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