Pet Boarding in Humble

When you leave your furbaby behind, there is always a part of you that is worrying about their wellbeing. Ensuring your pet is safe during a trip is important, and can be solved with a pet boarding service where professional and caring eyes will protect your pup. When you choose Eastex Veterinary Clinic, you can rest easy during travels knowing your precious companion will be treated like family in their home away from home.


Picking a Boarding Facility You Trust

It’s key that you find a boarding facility that has your full confidence. It’s essential that you take your time with your decision and carefully evaluate the quality of the location you will be sending your pet to stay. Make sure the area is hygienic, large enough to allow your pet to stretch their muscles, and that all guest suites are comfortable and accommodating.


While evaluating, keep in mind a reputable boarding facility will offer services including:


  • One-on-one attention
  • Medical administration  
  • Well regulated climate 
  • Calming music
  • Natural sunlight exposure 
  • Personal walks 
  • Recording of behavior 


There’s no need to worry about your dog while you are away! Travel happily knowing an experienced and animal-loving team is tending to your best friend’s every need and comfort. 

Dog Boarding in Humble

If you are planning on leaving town for a trip and can’t bring your pup along, bring them over to Eastex Veterinary Clinic. Our compassionate and professional team will tend to your dog’s every want and need. If you’re interested in our boarding facility, please call or visit our website for more information on tours, rates, services, and more!


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