Giving Your Senior Dog A High-Quality Life

Sadly, we all know our pets will age. As dog owners, we must come to terms that our canine companions will begin to wind down in their older age and will need extra help to remain comfortable and healthy. As a nurturing pet parent, be mindful of your senior dog’s needs. Continue below to five tips to keep your senior pup comfortable. 


  • Physical Accommodations: Ease your senior dog’s quality of life in your home by providing support ramps and plenty of resting cushions to manage your dog’s joint pain or fatigue. 


  • Vet Visits: Dogs in their twilight years will begin to express various signs of distress natural to the aging process. Be it muscular atrophy, or arthritis, your dog’s senior status means he’s going to need regular visits to the vet. Seek your vet’s guidance, and take note of how to best accommodate your senior pooch based on breed, size, and unique medical history. 


  • Exercise your senior dog: As dogs age, that seemingly limitless energy they once had as puppies will begin to wane. While napping is a senior dog’s favorite occupation, only through exercise will your dog continue to maintain healthy muscles and joints in their older years.


  • Mental Stimulation: Keep your senior dog’s mind sharp by providing plenty of dog toys and food puzzles.  


We’ll Comfort and Care For Your Senior Dog At Eastex Veterinary Clinic

Every dog deserves a high quality of life no matter how old. At Eastex Veterinary Clinic, our skilled and compassionate staff will offer your senior pooch routine medical assessments and preventative care suggestions that help ensure your pup stays as healthy and comfortable as possible in their twilight years. Visit or call us today to schedule an appointment.

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