Canine Hemangiosarcoma - What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

Cancer is a ruthless and terrifying thing for both humans and pets. Canine hemangiosarcoma is one of the most mysterious and difficult types for a dog to get. What’s worse is that it is one of the most common. While the disease is currently incurable, dog owners should not panic and it helps to keep a cool head. Everyone is urged to be knowledgeable and informed about canine hemangiosarcoma in case their precious pooch is diagnosed with the unfortunate disease!


What Is It?

Canine hemangiosarcoma is described as an incurable tumor of cells that are found on blood vessels. It’s a common disease that makes up for up to 7% of all tumors identified in dogs. It is more commonly found in certain dog breeds, though it can happen to any dog. The tumor usually is found on the spleen, heart, or tissue beneath the skin. 


The reason the disease is so dangerous is that it is painless and its growth of it is often too slow to notice. Even the largest hemangiosarcomas in dogs would be difficult to locate because they often do not show any clinical signs. The tumors have a tendency to clot the dog’s blood cells which stops nutrients from going where they need to be. 



The exact causes of canine hemangiosarcoma in dogs are not exactly well known as of yet. However, veterinarians have some ideas about how and why certain dogs get the tumor. Canine hemangiosarcoma found on the skin is often the result of overexposure to the sun, especially in areas with less fur. Other more internal tumors are believed to be the result of genetics. 



As previously mentioned, it's difficult to notice any symptoms of canine hemangiosarcoma. Its most detectable symptom would be the tumor it creates, but that is often found internally inside of the dog’s body. Many vets would advise that you keep an eye on your dog’s health and have them checked if you notice anything concerning. It also helps to have regular vet visits and check-ups so that you may catch the disease in its early stages. 



Unfortunately, treatment of canine hemangiosarcoma is difficult because of its nature to show itself late and be found within the dog’s body. However, there are procedures that can be done to combat the cancer. Surgery is done to remove or shrink the cancerous tumor. After surgery, chemotherapy is often done as well to kill the cancerous cells. 


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