5 Best Dental Health Tips for Dogs

Finding the best dental health tips for dogs can be challenging. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to keep your dog's pearly whites in tip-top shape.


5 Best Dental Health Tips for Dogs

Dental health is important for every living thing and dogs are no exception. Pups should have their teeth checked and cleaned by a veterinarian at least once a year. However, in between veterinary checkups, there are things that you can do on a consistent basis to ensure your dog’s dental health is in optimal shape. 

Here are five tips to help you make sure your dog's teeth stay clean and healthy:


Brush your dog's teeth daily.

This is the best way to stay on top of your dog's dental health. You can use toothpaste designed for dogs, or you can use human toothpaste if your vet says it's okay. The important thing is to brush often—ideally after every meal and snack time. Use good quality dog food that contains calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients for strong teeth and bones.


Feed them raw bones to clean their teeth and gums.

Many studies have shown that diet and home oral hygiene can influence periodontal health. That's why it's important to brush your dog's teeth daily, use a toothpaste designed for dogs, feed them high quality dog food that contains calcium and phosphorus, and give them raw bones to chew on. In this way, you can reduce the risk of dental disease, keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy, and prevent gum disease.


Use dental chews that are specially formulated for dogs.

Dental chews are designed to help clean your dog's teeth while they're chewing. They contain abrasives that remove plaque and tartar, as well as antimicrobial agents that prevent bacterial growth on the teeth. If you don't have time to brush your dog's teeth daily, these chews can be an effective alternative.


Make sure they get enough water—it helps keep their teeth clean!

Aside from hydration, water can also help to keep your dog's teeth clean. In fact, it can even remove plaque and tartar from their teeth if you give them a water fountain to drink from. This will help kill bacteria that might be present in the water while still allowing it to taste good!


Use a toothpaste made specifically for dogs.

There are many types of toothpaste, but not all of them are made for dogs. Some contain ingredients that can be harmful to your dog's health while others may not taste good enough to encourage them to brush their teeth regularly. To get around this problem, look for a toothpaste specifically designed for dogs. You'll find plenty of options at your local pet store or online! Also, talk with your veterinarian before using any product on your dog's teeth—they may have some additional tips on how best to cleanse their teeth.


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